Saskatoon Councillor is Confident that Uber Will Launch in the Province Next Year


According to a new report from CBC News, Uber may launch their ride-sharing service in Saskatchewan in 2017.

Saskatoon city councillor Darren Hill is very confident that the ride-sharing service will launch in the province next year. In a statement, he said:

“It’s inevitable that they do arrive and that they are operating here.”

Wheels are already in motion at the provincial level to change regulations in order to start treating ride-sharing services like taxis. Hill said that he has already been in contact with representatives from the company.

“Uber has already expressed an interest that they want to operate in this market and I believe that they are simply waiting for the provincial review to be completed and then they will start what they need to do from their end to be operating within our city boundaries.”

Currently, the law states that in order to charge a passenger for a ride, the driver must have a class 4 license and proper insurance. The driver’s car must also have a class PT license plate, which is the same type as the one on a taxi.

Hill has been strongly advocating for Uber because he says that they will bring an extra option for passengers in the province. However, he wants the proper regulations put in place before Uber, or any other ride-sharing company can start operating in Saskatchewan.