Chilliwack Council Approves Eight Freedom Mobile Cell Towers

Despite height and health concerns raised by some of the affected Chilliwack residents, the city council has approved development variance permits to allow eight Freedom Mobile cell towers. Three towers will stand on city property, and five on private property, reports the Progress.

Freedom Logo

A ninth cell tower is being considered for a site at the University of the Fraser Valley, but that’s for a later date, the report adds. In an effort to boost its network coverage, Freedom Mobile plans a total of 20 wireless telecommunication facilities on both public and private land in various locations in the city. Of those, only five are new towers; the rest will be installed on existing light standards or poles.

Chilliwack residents, however, aren’t exactly satisfied with Freedom Mobile’s plans. One resident expressed concern that his view of the mountains will be spoiled due to the height of the tower. That’s alongside health concerns due to the radio frequency (RF) emissions the tower will send out.

Freedom Mobile agent Chad Marlatt attended the meeting and addressed the various concerns raised by residents. He said that Freedom’s towers emit RF at levels thousands of times below what’s accepted by Health Canada. He also highlighted the economic benefits of the approved towers.

But what’s more important, Marlatt said, is “the reason the Canadian government wanted another carrier to start up was to bring in a new carrier to bring prices down.” And, of course, this represented a great opportunity to pitch the low prices customers pay for Freedom Mobile’s services.