Koodo ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ iPhone SE Sale, Starting at $360 on Medium Tab

If you’re looking for a ‘cheap’ iPhone, Koodo has certified pre-owned iPhone SE models available right now, with $144 in activation credits on Medium Tab contracts.

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This means a refurbished 16GB iPhone SE will be $0 on Tab Medium, but the total cost over 24 months will be $360. The 64GB model works out to $410. If you are able to sign up with a Koodo referral, currently the bill credit is $50, which saves you even more.

These models, brand new and unlocked from Apple, currently cost $579 and $629, respectively.

Certified pre-owned phones are usually open box returns that have been inspected, refreshed and prepared again for resale. Koodo offers a six month limited warranty on their pre-owned phones. AppleCare+ is not available for certified pre-owned phones.

These refurbished iPhone SE models will be locked, but will work on any Telus wireless network, which includes Koodo and Public Mobile. If you want the phone unlocked from Koodo, you’ll be required to stick on a postpaid plan for at least 90 days, then pay $50.

This offer may not appeal to everyone, but it’s probably one of the lowest-priced entries into an iPhone (albeit refurbished), if that matters to you (who doesn’t love saving money).

[via RFD]