Hacker Releases Cache of Files Allegedly Stolen from Forensics Company Cellebrite

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Cellebrite made headlines as the Israel-based mobile phone forensics company based providing tools to the FBI to crack the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter. But in January it made headlines again, this time for being the target of a hack. Now, the hacker is back with further information, publicly releasing a cache of files allegedly stolen from the forensics company related to Android and Blackberry phones, as well as older iPhones, reports Motherboard.

Motherboard has found that the US state police and highway patrol agencies have collectively spent millions of dollars on Cellebrite technology, which allows the user to extract SMS messages, emails and more from thousands of different mobile phone models. But they need to have physical access to the device.

The hacker claims to have bypassed Cellebrite security measures and has posted links to the date on Pastebin.

The ReadMe file says much of the iOS-related code is very similar to that used on the jailbreak scene. Speaking with Motherboard, known forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski agreed that some of the iOS files were nearly identical to tools created by the jailbreaking community, as he found references to “limera1n”, a piece of software created by Geohot, and to “QuickPwn”, another jailbreaking project.

Cellebrite defended its position, saying the company monitors new research, including jailbreaks. So taking a hint from the jailbreaking community seems something normal to them.

You can read more about this on Motherboard.

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