Apple Reportedly Acquires Israeli Facial Recognition Firm RealFace [u]

According to a new report from the Times of Israel, Apple acquired Israeli startup RealFace. The startup has a major focus on machine learning and cyber security, specializing in facial recognition.

The report notes that the startup, which was founded in 2014, was bought by Apple for an estimated $2 million. RealFace’s website is currently offline, however, the report notes that they have developed unique facial recognition technology that brings back human perception to a digital process. Their proprietary technology reportedly allows them to learn very quickly from facial features.

Check out a demo of their technology in the video below (Update Feb. 20: the video and account has been taken offline):

According to many ‘iPhone 8’ rumours, Apple is said to include a front-facing 3D laser scanner that is capable of authenticating you using features of your face. The technology would most likely allow you to perform the same functions as Touch ID, such as unlocking your device. Some reports have even reported that Apple may ditch Touch ID in favour of this new facial recognition technology.