Chatr Promo Plans: $50 for Unlimited Nationwide Calling and 6GB Data

Rogers-owned Chatr has some promotional plans right now, offering three plans priced from $40 to $50, with unlimited nationwide calling and international text, along with voicemail.

Basically these plans are getting bonus data thrown in. Here’s what’s available:

  • $40/month: 2GB at 3G speed (1GB bonus)
  • $45/month: 3GB at 3G speed (1GB bonus)
  • $50/month: 6GB at 3G speed (2GB bonus)

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Again, data is on the Rogers 3G network, so speeds will be much slower compared to LTE. Chatr caps your 3G download speeds to a paltry 3Mbps, while there is no access to Rogers’ enhanced network coverage. So if you’re traveling on BC highways, other networks such as Public Mobile may be a better option.

[via RFD]