Drake’s ‘More Life’ Broke Streaming Records on Apple Music

Drake’s latest project “More Life” was streamed 300 million times on Apple Music in seven days. According to a report from The Verge, it also broke the record for the most number of streams within 24 hours on Apple Music.

According to various reports, “More Life” could be in the range of 600 million streams worldwide, which would definitely be a record breaker for one album.

Drake’s one day total of 89.9 million streams breaks a record that was held by Ed Shereen. Ed Sheeran still holds the title for the biggest first week for any album on a single service with his release of Divide, which streamed 375 million times on Spotify in its first week.

The Apple Music Team dedicated the success of More Life to the power of Beats 1 and OVO Sound Radio.

The head of Beats 1, Zane Lowe, commented that Drake doesn’t rush his work and that has helped him to chill out a bit.

“I mean what he’s taught me just in terms of the parameters of broadcasting is remarkable. I remember when we were first waiting for those shows to come in [OVO Sound Radio] and they’d come in 20 minutes late, and I’d be freaking out because we’d run over our start time. Now the show comes in an hour late and we’re all just like cool.”

The executives at Apple Music told The Verge that their key to success has been working with artists like Drake to ensure that the company stays ahead of the game.

“These [streaming] services cannot be utilities, it’s not enough. They have to be — they almost have to make music a verb — it has to just move. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Drake has shown immense loyalty to Apple Music since it launched back in 2015. The Canadian rapper has launched a series of exclusive songs on the streaming music service.