Apple’s Tree Buying Spree for New Campus Causing Shortages For Local Contractors

Apple’s plans to plant 9,000 trees at its forthcoming Apple Park headquarters is putting pressure on the local market. Contractors working on other San Francisco projects have been forced to source trees from nearby states.

According to a new report from Business Insider, Apple’s ambitious arboreal roadmap calls for the purchase of some 3,000 highly desirable trees, which the company is sourcing from local nurseries.

To complete Apple Park, Apple had to demolish acres of buildings and asphalt parking lots on land previously owned by Hewlett-Packard. The transformation to a green, environmentally friendly campus required forward-thinking architecture and a lot of plants.

Apple itself said the final tally of trees to be planted at Apple Park is close to 9,000, which will mostly be made up of fruit trees.

Apple will begin moving 12,000 employees to Apple Park later this month. The move in process is expected to take six months to complete.