PM Justin Trudeau Gives First Podcast Interview on The Jonah Keri Podcast

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As part of a Canada 150 celebration, The Jonah Keri Podcast had an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the latter’s first interview on the medium:

Jonah Keri talks to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the PM’s first-ever podcast in office. The two discuss the Montreal Expos; Separatism in Quebec; Canadian identity; the Richard Nixon prophecy and being called to serve; gender equality; manifestations of economic anxiety at the polls; government’s role in creating jobs; universal health care; immigration and the global refugee crisis; empathy; dealing effectively with world leaders with whom he disagrees; taking unpopular positions; balancing economic and environmental concerns; the state of and future of journalism; and Prime Minister Trudeau’s Life Tips.

A variety of topics were discussed, but as with every Jonah Keri podcast, he always asks his guest about some life tips. Here’s what Trudeau had to say:

Jonah: “If I met you in a bar, you’d say, “Oh yeah, this is what I’m about.”

PM: “In a bar? Flush the urinal with your elbow.”

PM: “But no. I guess my life tip would be: listen. Listen, like really listen to anyone you’re talking with. Don’t just use the time they’re talking to think up the next thing you’re going to say. Hear what they’re saying. Hear why they’re saying it. What intensity they bring to it. The more you accept that you can learn from absolutely everyone you meet, especially if you’re genuinely listening to them, the better connected you’ll be to the world that you’re hoping to make a difference in.”

You can listen to the hour-long interview in iTunes…err, here in Apple Podcasts.

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