Student Rejected from Apple Internship Redesigns Apple Music

When Apple Music was first launched back in 2015, one of the most common issues with the platform was centred on its somewhat confusing interface. Even though the music streaming platform was redesigned with the release of last year’s iOS 10, concerns were still brought up regarding the design, most commonly about the font.

Now, visual design student Jason Yuan, who studies at Northwestern University, has shared a new project that he’s been working on the past few months. After being rejected from a graphic design internship at the Cupertino company, Yuan decided to take matters into his own hands and completely redesign the streaming platform himself.

“Earlier this year I applied and interviewed for a graphic design internship at Apple Music (an opportunity of a lifetime), and was turned down with a very kind letter stating that although they liked my work, they wanted to see more growth and training,” Yuan wrote.

As Yuan explains in a Medium post, for him “this was an opportunity to really dig [his] teeth into UX research and design, an excuse to spend way too much time on Sketch and Principle.”

One of his coolest ideas is called “The Sampler,” which is proposed as a replacement to Apple Music’s “My New Music Mix.” For users that are “reluctant to sit through an entire playlist full of new music,” Yuan’s idea gives users quick, 15-second samples of songs that users would be able to swipe up to reject or down to add to their library. Musical Tinder, anyone?

Overall, the design still need a bit of work, but it’s an interesting and intriguing take on Apple’s current Apple Music UI. Maybe now Apple might take more notice at Mr. Yuan?