Cogeco Price Increases Coming for TV, Home Phone, Internet on Sept. 1, 2017

Cogeco has informed customers rate adjustments are coming this fall to TV, home phone and Internet. According to the letter sent to customers below, starting September 1, 2017, monthly price hikes are going to happen for the following:


  • Standalone channels + $0.50 (currently $3.50/mo)
  • Standalone channels, WWE Network + $1 (currently $6/mo)
  • Basic cable including Digital Basic, Digital Starter Pack, Digital Value Pack, Classic Pack, Value Pack, Digital Select 1/3/8, Pick 25/35, Flex 5/8/12/20, All My Mix packages, Perfect Mix, Ultimate Mix — all increasing by $2/mo
Home Phone
  • Basic Line, Select Package, Freedom Package: + $2/month
  • UltraFibre 250 (without bundle), UltraFibre 250 Unlimited (without bundle) + $1
  • Fibre 15 Max (without bundle) + $2
  • Fibre 15 Max (with bundle), UltraFibre 40 Unlimited (with bundle), UltraFibre 120 (with bundle), UltraFibre 6, UltraFibre 15, UltraFibre 40 +$4
  • UltraFibre 60 (with bundle), UltraFibre 60 Unlimited (with 3 product bundle) +$5

Cogeco price increases

The fine print says price hikes are not applicable to Cogeco Business Solutions Internet and Phone rates. Those on promos will receive promo discounts until the end of the promo period. For those paying through condo fees or rent, some of these changes may not apply to you, explains Cogeco.

Also, Cogeco says “changes to rates for Internet packages apply only to customers who subscribed to these packages on or before July 16, 2017.”

The bottom line, it’s not getting any cheaper to have TV, home phone and Internet in your home from Cogeco. Yesterday, we told you Bell has price increases planned for CraveTV, Fibe TV and Satellite TV customers starting this fall.

Thanks @onemanarmydave!