iPhone 8 Pricing to Start “At Around $999 USD” Says NYT

We’ve constantly heard rumours Apple’s ‘iPhone 8’ will cost customers more this year, since it will be pegged as a premium device, with possibly low availability at launch. Now, unnamed sources inform the New York Times, ‘iPhone 8’ is set to be priced “at around $999” (USD):

Chief among the changes for the new iPhones: refreshed versions, including a premium model priced at around $999, according to people briefed on the product, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Sources also emphasize a larger screen is coming thanks to the reduction in top and bottom bezel sizes, while facial recognition for unlocking is coming, along with charging via magnetic induction.

If the starting price is $999 USD, that works out to about $1251 CAD with today’s exchange rate. Currently, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus costs $899 CAD and $1049 CAD, respectively, so the price increase for ‘iPhone 8’ appears to be at least $200 CAD or higher; we’ll soon find out what Apple prices their newest iPhone.

Last month, John Gruber from Daring Fireball said the entry-level OLED iPhone 8 may be priced higher than $999 USD, theorized as part of a strategy to ensure customers would still want to buy an iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus, and to make up for low launch supply.

Apple’s iPhone 8 event is rumoured for September 12, while the new phone is said to come with a storage capacity of up to 512GB and 3GB RAM.

Are you prepared to shell out around $1250 CAD or higher for an entry iPhone 8?