Apple Updates ARKit Resources for Developers, Includes Sample Code

On Tuesday, Apple refreshed its developer portal with new information about ARKit, including sample code and AR-specific entries in its Human Interface Guidelines for iOS.

Announced through Apple’s developer webpage, the new assets added to the ARKit audio and interactive content. Developers can download the code to explore ARKit’s capabilities prior to its launch with iOS 11 this fall. In the developer document, Apple notes AR can be used to deliver “immersive, engaging experiences that seamlessly blend realistic virtual objects with the real world.”

Apple says a device’s camera is used to present a live view of a user’s surroundings, onto which three-dimensional objects are superimposed. This melding of real-world space and computer generated objects creates a unique experience that can be applied to any number of software solutions, from games to e-commerce.

Apple offers a few key guidelines for developers to consider when building with ARKit. For example, apps should use the entire display and avoid cluttering on-screen user interfaces with unnecessary controls and other graphics that could detract from the experience.

We will see the first wave of ARKit apps when iOS 11 launches this fall.