NES Classic Edition Returning in 2018, More SNES Classic Stock Coming for Launch

Nintendo has announced it plans to bring back the NES Classic Edition in the summer of 2018, as it appears they have started to listen to customer demand for the retro product.

SNES Mini Box

The news was part of an earlier press release stating SNES Classic stock will continue to ship into 2018, while Nintendo says more units will ship on its September 29 launch in the U.S., compared to initial NES Classic numbers from last year). Canada is also part of this Sept. 29 launch day–we’ve reached out to Nintendo Canada to see if we will also get more stock on launch.

SNES Classic comes with 21 games such as Super Mario World and comes with two controllers, while the console connects to your TV via HDMI. It will retail for $99 CAD.

It’s clear people want the SNES Classic—pre-orders from Best Buy and The Source have both sold out instantly in minutes, with the latter’s pre-order seeing their website get overwhelmed (and servers melted, maybe).