Facebook’s “Snooze” Button Lets You Hide People in Your Feed Temporarily

Facebook has just introduced a new “Snooze” button feature for your feed, which allows you to temporarily unfollow your friends, Pages, or Groups for up to 30 days (via TechCrunch). You have the option to Snooze for 24 hours, 1 week or 30 days, allowing you to ignore whatever is annoying you on your Facebook feed, without permanently unfollowing, unliking, or unfriending.


In order to Snooze someone on your Facebook feed, all you need to do is tap the dropdown arrow in the top right of someone’s post. There you will see a new “Unfollow or Snooze” option. Simply tap that, and you can choose whether you want to Snooze someone for a day, a week, a month, or unfollow permanently.

“With Snooze, Facebook has found a way to decrease the noise from a chatty person, group, or Page in a way that’s obvious and intuitive, but doesn’t prohibit Facebook from showing you their most important posts further down the line.

Pages and Groups may benefit from Snooze, since it could reduce the chances of someone unliking or leaving them. But it should also inspire them not to overshare or spam, otherwise they could be put in time-out”.

The new feature is gradually rolling out to all Facebook users, so it should be available in your feed soon as well.