What’s New in iOS 11.1 Beta 5: Crazy Calculator Bug Still Exists for Adding 1+2+3 [VIDEO]

iOS 11 has a really weird bug in the Calculator app, when you try to calculate 1+2+3 as it provides the answer 24. Wait, what?

Ios 11 calculator

Yes, give this a try yourself by trying to add 1 + 2 + 3 in the Calculator app. You don’t even need to tap too quickly, and what you’ll get is the answer of 24. How? It appears the slow animation of the “+” sign lags, thus causing the user entry of 1 + 23 = 24.

Check out our screen recording of the bug below, first seen on Reddit:

Also, here’s what’s new in iOS 11.1 beta 5, released earlier today (not a whole lot), as per EverythingApplePro:

YouTube video

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