Apple Engineer Let Go for Letting Daughter Film iPhone X Vlog

The Apple engineer who allowed his daughter to film and release a YouTube video about his iPhone X, has been let go by the company reports Reddit user JBeylovesyou. The original video was shot by Brooke Amelia Peterson at Apple’s campus.

In the video, we saw how Notification Center and Control Center are activated on the device, plus how Animoji look like, along with how apps look with the ‘notch’ at the top. Peterson gushes about the camera on iPhone X, which takes place within a visit to Caffe Macs, the cafeteria at Apple’s current headquarters.

The saved clip on Reddit omits one clip of the vlog, where her dad is seen testing Apple Pay with iPhone X using Face ID at the Caffe Macs checkout.

Today, Brooke posted a new YouTube video were she reveals her father was fired from Apple. Take a look at the video below:

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