Telus PikTV Now 50% Off at $10/Month in BC and Alberta

Telus Pik TV is a media box the company sells, which “connects you to the world of Android TV.” This means access to live TV and on demand channels including Netflix and YouTube, even when you’re away from home via the Pik TV iOS and Android app.

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Earlier this summer, the Pik TV box went on sale for $25, and it’s still ongoing. But now, the cost of Pik TV for existing Telus customers is at 50% off at $10 per month instead of $20, according to RFD.

New customers can get Internet 25 with Pik TV for $65 per month, or Internet 150 with Pik TV for $85 per month, while a current promo has the first month free.

The Android box lets customers choose 5 channels and up to 23 local and regional channels, while premium channel packs such as HBO, TMN and CraveTV are available for $20 per month.

There are no contracts with Pik TV, and the service looks to appeal to those customers who don’t require a PVR, only have one TV and are okay with “managing your own technology”.