Fido’s 3GB/$15 Tablet Data Promo is Back; iPad on Sale for $140 Off

Fido has brought back their $15/3GB data plan promo for tablet users, which offers 1GB of additional data (compared to $15/2GB).

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Fido says the offer is eligible for Fido postpaid mobile customers only, while a one-time $25 “Transaction fee” applies to activate tablets.

Meanwhile, Apple’s 32GB 9.7-inch cellular iPad is available from Fido on Easy Pay, for $0 down on a two year term, but you pay $19.95 per month for 24 months. The sale is $140.20 off Apple’s price of $619, as you’ll end up paying $478.80.

If you’re on an older tablet plan with Fido, it may be worth switching to this promo tablet data plan, which periodically re-appears, like it did back in June.