Koodo iPhone Unlocking Now Free, Same Goes for Other Smartphones

As we draw closer to the CRTC December 1 deadline for a ban on unlocked cellphones and unlocking fees, Telus-owned Koodo has already waived its unlocking fee, according to an internal document seen by MobileSyrup.

Koodo made the change yesterday, but notes the $50 unlock fee will still exist for new customers until December 1st, however.

The carrier says it is prioritizing the sale of locked devices first, as unlocked cellphone stock will be hitting retail locations in the near future.

Rogers and Fido started to unlock outright purchased smartphones for free in late September, well ahead of the December 1 deadline. Best Buy currently sells all iPhones unlocked from their stores, a policy implemented in September.

This summer, the CRTC announced a ban on locked cellphones and unlocking fees for individual and business customers.

Unlocking fees, which Rogers, Telus and Bell charged $50 per device for, helped pull in big revenue numbers, with some estimates citing the number as over $37 million in fees alone in 2016. As for how these wireless companies will make up for lost revenue? They could come in the form of new fees or increased charges for data and other overages.