Twitter Testing ‘Bookmarks’ Feature, Allowing Users to Flag Tweets for Later

Twitter confirmed it’s currently testing a bookmarking feature to save tweets for later reading, according to new reports. Twitter started working on the new feature last month for Tweets in your timeline that you wanted to flag to refer back to in the future. Now it’s given the feature a name — it will be called Bookmarks — and is running tests with it.

According to a series of Tweets from Tina Koyama, a staff product designer at the company, the addition will help users keep a separate list of items they want to refer back to, instead of using the heart (aka “favorite”) button, which can indicate more of a “like” – similar to the “thumbs up” button on Facebook.

Koyama said the company has picked out different versions of how Bookmarks will look and work and will now test them in the Twitter community.

The feature’s impending launch was first unveiled on Twitter itself, naturally, when head of product Keith Coleman announced that a new way to save tweets was in the works, as a result of a company HackWeek project dubbed #SaveForLater.

Apparently, the company plans to replace the “send via DM” icon on the bottom right portion of tweets with an overflow menu. That menu will house both the “share via DM” and the upcoming “Add to Bookmark” features, though the final version could take on a different form. All the tweets added to Bookmarks can then be accessed through a list in settings.

Twitter declined to comment beyond the Tweets. “We’ll be sure to let you know if/when we have more details to share in terms of a formal announcement!” the spokesperson added.