iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Charger Car Mount Review: Your iPhone X/8 Needs This

New iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X owners have the added benefit of wireless charging, with Apple opting for the Qi wireless charging standard.

For those who use car mounts, now is the time to consider an upgrade to a Qi wireless version, so you can say good-bye to the days of plugging in your iPhone to charge in the car.

iOttie sent us their latest Easy One Touch 4 Wireless Qi Standard Car Mount Charger to check out, which works for iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and various Samsung Galaxy models, along with other Qi-enabled devices.

IMG 1320

For those following along, you know I’ve been using iOttie’s Easy One Touch for years—how does this upgraded Qi wireless version fare? Let’s find out.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Standard Car Mount Charger comes with a micro USB cable, dashboard pad, and AC power adapter for your car. The mount of the Easy One Touch 4, like its predecessors, includes a washable and reusable sticky gel pad, when combined with the suction cup, ensures it will never fall off your window (we’ve never had our mount come off in years).

IMG 1322

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What makes iOttie Easy One Touch car mounts so great is their easy one-handed operation to both insert and remove your iPhone or other smartphone. Once you place your phone into the mount, it automatically ‘snaps’ tight to your device. To remove your phone, just squeeze the release bars, which will release the locking side arms.

IMG 1434 2

On top of easy one-handed operation, the newly redesigned telescopic arm allows for an up close view of your iPhone or smartphone (it extends from 12.4cm to 21.0cm and pivots 225 degrees), while a 17mm ball joint lets you find the perfect viewing angle for your phone. The bottom feet of the mount also can be extended vertically to accommodate taller or shorter devices, while it can also move laterally—or even be removed.

IMG 1436 2

The One Touch 4 can fit devices 5.8cm to 7.6cm wide on its mount, which now includes air vents on the back to allow air to circulate to your device to prevent overheating in warm weather.

IMG 1445 2

Here’s a picture comparing the older Easy One Touch 2 ($19 on Amazon!) on the left, versus the Easy One Touch 4 on the right:

IMG 1442 2

This top view shows how the newly improved telescopic arm is sturdier and stronger compared to its older sibling (on the bottom):

When it comes to wireless charging, the One Touch 4 Qi wireless car mount is powered via micro USB, with the port located on the bottom right side. A green LED in the top left corner of the mount lights up to let you know it’s powered on and ready to charge your iPhone. If you see red, that means your phone doesn’t work with a Qi charger or is incompatible.

IMG 1456

We did have some initial issues with wireless charging, as the micro USB port cable included appeared to be loose when inserted (leading to charging going on and off repeatedly), but after a few wiggles, power was consistent and Qi charging worked every single time, as long as my iPhone X was lined up with the charging area.

As you can see in the image below, our iPhone X is charging wirelessly in the Easy One Touch 4, as noted by the battery icon in our status bar:

IMG 0003

…here’s a side view of the Easy One Touch 4:

IMG 0005

The benefits of the new telescoping arm is that it feels sturdier than before and while driving, we did not hear any ‘rattles’ whatsoever. Even in a normal driving position, with the mount holding my iPhone X basically beside my steering wheel, Face ID still was within range to unlock my phone when I glanced at my device (it works that well).

Overall, this latest iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi wireless charger car mount has made it easier to juice up my iPhone X when in the car. Gone are the days of plugging in a cable (#firstworldproblems), as charging is now effortless. The new design of the Easy One Touch 4 is an improvement over its previous generations, with the telescopic arm stronger than before, while the unit’s easy one-handed operation remains.

Despite some initial issues with getting the Qi wireless charging up and running, so far it has worked as advertised and remains an excellent addition to your vehicle, especially if you’re headed on a road trip and need to use GPS while charging.

The Easy One Touch 4 Qi model is not exactly on the budget side, however, as it retails for $62 CAD on (you’re getting a car mount and a Qi wireless charger essentially). But if you’ve been waiting for one Qi wireless charging car mount to win it all, you can’t go wrong with the iOttie Easy One Touch 4.

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