Apple’s iOS 11.3 Hints at iCloud Single Sign-On Solution

You may not need to log into your favourite websites one at a time in the near future. The folks over at 9to5Mac have found code in the iOS 11.3 beta hinting at a single sign-on option for the web based on your iCloud account credentials.

It’s still unclear as to how this feature will work, but we expect that it will be similar to signing in to a website using Facebook or Google. Users would most likely be giving sites permission to access personal iCloud data (name and email address) in return for the convenient login abilities.

There is also a feature in the beta which uses the Camera app to scan for a QR code and ask for your Apple ID. It is still unclear as to how Apple may use this feature.

The report does not note any release date for the feature, assuming it even survives the beta. While it could be debuted alongside iOS 11.3 this sprint, Apple has been known to push back features if they are not up to their standards.