Canary Vision Begins Rolling Out Person Detection Capabilities for Free and Paid Users

Starting today, Canary began rolling out a new Person Detection feature to all of its customers. The company said that the update is completely automatic, meaning nothing will have to be done from a user’s perspective.

The feature will work exactly like you think, it will alert you if someone who isn’t recognized comes across your Canary. The company claims that it will be able to intelligently notify you based on the urgency of the situation using machine learning techniques.

Person Detection and Person Alerts will be available for free to all Canary customers. In a blog post, the company wrote:

Person Detection will be rolling out for free to all Canary devices via a firmware update (3.0.0). This update does not require any action to be taken on your part.

With Person Detection on your device, Canary can distinguish between people and other motion in your home. If a person is detected by your Canary, Canary Flex, or Canary View devices, you’ll receive a specific Person alert.

Canary is an indoor security camera that supports Amazon Alexa for smart home features. The connected camera starts at $99 USD for a single unit, with the company offering packs that allow customers to buy multiple units for a reduced price.