Telegram Rolls Out New Web Login Widget for Website Owners


Secure messaging app Telegram, which was briefly pulled from the App Store by Apple last week, has today taken another step towards making its platform more useful by rolling out a new web login widget, that allows business owners to connect with Telegram users right from their website using a Telegram bot, TechCrunch is reporting.

“While its userbase is growing — and it is particularly popular among the crypto community which utilizes the app for ICO community management — Telegram hasn’t quite cracked 200 million monthly users yet, so it is lacking Facebook-like scale. But it does have momentum, and this new addition might help ramp up engagement particularly given the other plans it has.”

The company has been working hard on chat bots and planning to introduce payments since last year. Matching its bots with a web plugin will help it create a system that could allow businesses to send reminders, confirmation of sales, updates and more information direct to customers via chats. And once its payments service goes live, this widget could also enable users to pay for goods online using Telegram.

Telegram is currently said to be working on a distributed file storage service, a proxy service to create TOR-like secure web browsing, a platform to host decentralized apps, and payments for micropayments and peer-to-peer transactions.

For more information regarding the new Telegram widget, click here.