Fido, Koodo and Virgin All Offer Promo $60 Plan with 6GB Data

Looks like we’re seeing some promo plans from Fido, Koodo and Virgin, all offering a $60 per month plan with 6GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling, according to discussion on RFD.

Virgin koodo fido

For Koodo, their 6GB promo is essentially their $60/5GB plan with a free 1GB data add-on that does not expire, available for new activations and upgrades only (you can try calling retentions to get it apparently, too), for BYOD plus small and medium tab plans.

As for Virgin, their $60/6GB plan is essentially the $55/3GB plan, with a 1GB data bonus, plus a 2GB data bonus for $5 extra. There is no word when this data bonus will expire.

As for Fido, their $60/6GB plan is essentially the same as Virgin, but includes bonus 1000 international minutes to 10 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, China (excluding Macau), Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, and the UK), and is stackable with 10% off for an add-on line. This is also a Pulse Plan, which means 5 hours per month of unlimited data; Fido’s plan expires on February 26th.

These plans aren’t on flanker brand websites as of writing, but the Koodo plan was seen at a local mall in Marlborough, in Calgary.

Again, your best bet is to call in to retentions or visit a dealer and try to jump on these plans. This $60/6GB promo plan isn’t as good as $60/10GB plan offered during the holidays, but it’s a better deal than standard offerings.

Earlier this month, we saw all three flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’ offer $45/2GB promo plans as well, timed for the Lunar New Year.

Let us know in the comments if you end up getting one of these plans.