Apple Park 911 Transcripts Detail How Employees Walked into Glass Walls

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A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Apple’s new “spaceship” campus is causing some painful problems for its employees, as they have been frequently walking into its futuristic glass walls by accident.

According to transcripts obtained by The San Francisco Chronicle, the iPhone maker has had to make at least three calls to 911 emergency services since moving into the new building (via Business Insider).

Below is a part of a transcript of a call made on January 1:

Dispatcher: Are you with the patient now?

Caller: No, I am not with the patient. We are trying to have a security unit call in right now so I connect you over.

Dispatcher: How old is the patient?

Caller: Late 20s.

Dispatcher: Is the patient male or female?

Caller: Male.

Dispatcher: Is he awake?

Caller: He is conscious.

Dispatcher: Is he breathing?

Caller: That we do not know. Yes, yes, he’s conscious and breathing.

Dispatcher: Let me go ahead here and update the paramedics. When did this happen?

Caller: It happened around five minutes ago. Around 12:05.

Dispatcher: Is there any serious bleeding?

Caller: Yes, from the head.

Dispatcher: Is he completely alert?

Caller: Yes.

You can read the full transcripts at this link.