Apple Reportedly Modifies MFi Logo, Gives Manufacturers 90 Days to Respond

Today, Apple has reportedly started notifying manufacturers about a slight change to the “Made For i” (MFi) program logos, which have been updated with new graphics.

Information provided by Chargerlab shows that the single icon signifying universal iOS compatibility is being retired and is being replaced by three new MFi cards. If the information provided in their report is accurate, manufacturers will have 90 days to update their packaging with the new logo.

Let’s take a look at the old logo:

Comparing it to the new logos we see that instead of the 3 different Apple device logos, it’s been simplified to a single black Apple icon. We can also see that the order of products has changed to reflect the popularity of each product line. Here are the new logos:

Apple’s official pages have not yet been modified to reflect the changes signified by the report. The MFi program officially launched in 2005 for iPod accessories but has extended in the recent years to all iOS devices.