Apple Highlights Pencil Support on 2018 iPad in New Ads [VIDEO]

Apple has today shared a bunch of new ads on YouTube, highlighting support for Apple Pencil on its low cost 2018 iPad. As noted by MacRumors, each video ranges from 12 seconds to 17 seconds in length and spotlights a different iPad and Apple Pencil feature or supported app.


The first video demonstrated the Notes app, whereas the second one shows off the drawing app Tayasui Sketches Pro. Similarly, the third video highlights Apple Pencil integration in Keynote, where as the fourth video shows off the Markup feature that lets users edit screenshots, photos, images, and more. 

While Apple has so far only shared these videos on the UK YouTube site, they will surely be used both in TV spots and across social media sites across the globe.

Check out the YouTube video embeds below and share your thoughts in the comments section.