AgileBits Releases Feature-Packed 1Password 7 for Mac

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AgileBits has today announced the release of their new 1Password 7 for Mac, bringing tons of great new features to the popular password management app. The latest release also completely reimagines the 1Password mini, which is how most of us use 1Password on a daily basis, further improving the user experience.

1Password7 mini favourites

When you bring up the mini in 1Password 7, you’ll notice a beautiful new look. Inside the browser, mini will automatically suggest the items you’re most likely to need. Select the login you want to sign in with and 1Password will do the rest.

In addition to browsers, mini now automatically suggests logins for the app you’re using, thanks to 1Password’s new app integration. You can also make edits, move items between vaults, and even add documents, without leaving 1Password mini.

1Password7 items details2

The new sidebar looks great without being overpowering and the high contrast between it and your content allows your eyes to focus on what’s most important: your items.

Your items are able to join in on the fun as well with a new design and some lovely new touches. Each of your items now prominently show which vault they belong to and have their most important information highlighted.

Speaking of incredible, when you combine our new custom font with Markdown support, Secure Notes are now at an entirely new level of awesome.

1Password 7 is doubling down on how it keeps you safe online. We have bundled together a suite of security tools that notify you of breaches, warn you of bad habits, and highlight vulnerable passwords. We call it Watchtower and it’s amazing.

To learn more about these and tons of other great new features, hit up the source page. 

Download 1Password 7 for Mac