Apple Park June 2018 Drone Updates Shared Ahead of WWDC [VIDEOS]

Apple Park, the iPhone maker’s massive new headquarters, has received a couple drone flyover updates for June 2018, shared by amateur drone enthusiasts, Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts.

Apple park june 2018

Sinfield’s update provides an excellent look at the interior of Apple Park, showing off a golf-course-like green lawn and more trees. As he puts it:

One day ahead of WWDC 2018, Apple’s new HQ continues to evolve. Some 9,000 trees are now permanently planted on the 175 acre site. Employees continue to relocate into the “spaceship” every week. Crews work 24 hours per day to maintain all aspects of Apple Park, including washing the window shades at least once per week.

Roberts shows off a similar video, even catching window washers in the act of keeping the campus clean. His video also shows off completed outdoor staff fitness facilities such as tennis, beach volleyball, basketball courts and more:

Back in April, Sinfield explained it was harder to fly his drone over Apple Park, noting security would respond to his takeoff location “in 10 minutes or less,” further adding he doubted whether the company would allow future drone flights to continue.