100 New iOS 12 Hidden Features and Changes on iPhone, iPad [VIDEO]

With the release of iOS 12 beta yesterday at the end of the WWDC keynote, developers and testers have been pouring through the release, to find new changes Apple didn’t share at its on-stage presentation.

So far we already know there’s a USB Restricted Mode on iPhone to disable USB access, and also have seen a demo of the new Password Manager API by 1Password, plus the new battery graph in Settings. Also, we saw how iPhone X users can now add support for another face for authentication, plus now swipe up to clear apps in multitasking mode.

For a list of 100 new iOS 12 beta features and hidden changes on iPhone and iPad, including slight design element modifications, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has painstakingly compiled an excellent video detailing some changes you probably didn’t notice.

For example, non-3D Touch devices now get access to a touchpad feature for editing text, while Siri now works in Low Power Mode and also can turn on your flashlight. As for iPhone 7/7 Plus users, the camera now gains haptic feedback, while iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models now gain a stronger vibration in iOS 12.

Check out the video below for a vast list of new features and changes in iOS 12:

Some other iOS 12 changes include the reduced chances of taking an accidental screenshot on iPhone X, as the screenshot feature appears to not kick in until the display has been on for a minute or two, while notifications on the Lock screen show rich content and are scrollable, such as those from Mail.

What are some of your favourite iOS 12 tidbits you’ve noticed for iPhone and iPad?