Samsung Appeals Court’s $539 Million Verdict in Apple Lawsuit

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Last month, a jury decided that Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for infringing on five patents, related to Android smartphones sold in 2010-2011.

However, the South Korean company has once again asked the court to either dismiss the judgement or to retry the case in which the damages were decided, CNET reports.

In a 34-page post-trial motion filed with the US District Court in San Jose, Samsung says the jury’s $539 million verdict is “excessive” and not supported by the evidence.

“[The] decision flies in the face of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages,” Samsung said in response to the verdict last month. “We will consider all options to obtain an outcome that does not hinder creativity and fair competition for all companies and consumers.”

Originally, Apple had sought $1.07 billion in damages from Samsung for infringing on three of its design patents, but the latter argued $28 million was appropriate instead. In relation to two utility patents, Apple argued for $5.3 million from Samsung, which the South Korean company didn’t oppose.

Meanwhile, Samsung has filed another motion, saying that it wants $145 million reimbursed which it has paid over an “invalidated touchscreen patent”.