Consumer Groups Complain to CRTC Over Koodo’s Lack of Monthly Paper Billing

The option for a monthly wireless paper bill is still very important to some people, especially Koodo Mobile customers. However, Koodo no longer offers monthly paper bills, as the company only offers digital documents.

This raised the ire of some, which led consumer advocacy groups, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), and the National Pensioners Federation (NPF), to file complaints to the CRTC last week over the issue.

According to 77-year-old Janette Little-Gallian from Berwick, Nova Scotia, paper wireless bills are her preferred choice. “I’m sure the majority of old people like myself prefer to get that monthly [paper] statement. Most of us don’t do a whole lot online,” she told CBC News.

Trish McAuliffe, interim president of the NPF—which represents over one million seniors and retirees nationwide—says “it’s their right,” when it comes to paper bills.

The concern is whether Koodo’s parent company, Telus, will follow suit and eliminate monthly paper bills. “They just quietly try to do it one at a time, and then the next thing you know, no one’s getting paper billing,” said McAuliffe.

But according to Koodo, the shift to e-bills is related to “advancements in digital adoption” and “ongoing efforts to support the environment,” said a Telus spokesperson to the CBC.

Telus said they are committed to accessible services and visually impaired customers do have an option for bills written in braille.

Back in 2014, the federal government eliminated paper billing fees. However, despite this new legislation, Koodo argued recently the company is not obligated to provide paper bills, according to the company’s online forum moderators.

According to PIAC executive director John Lawford, he says Koodo is defying the law, telling CBC News in an interview, “Why was it put there? Well, because Parliament wanted people to get paper bills — with no charge.”

He continued to say “Perhaps some day there will be an all [electronic] service, but I think it’s only fair to customers to give them what they want until they fully make that transition.”

Currently, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Virgin and Telus all still offer paper billing—except for the latter’s flanker brand, Koodo.

Canadians can submit their comment on the PIAC/NPF filing with the CRTC here.