Developer Showcases Proof of Concept for Xcode on iPad

Louis D’hauwe, a software developer from Belgium, has taken to Twitter to showcase a proof of concept for Xcode running on the iPad.

D’hauwe envisions that the code would get sent to a Mac, which is acting a remote server, to be compiled and built. The build process on the Mac would generate an .ipa file which could be uploaded to a remote filesystem. The iPad could then pull the .ipa file from the remote filesystem and install it directly.

In this demo the iPad merely acts as a code editor, with all the compilation work being done remotely on a Mac. D’hauwe highlights the fact that all development could be done on an iPad without ever needing to be near the Mac. Of course, this means that you will always require good internet connectivity in order to build or install your application.

The proof of concept uses iOS 11’s Files API and PanelKit. The developer also announced that he is planning to make this project completely open source soon.