Bell’s Roam Better, Virgin’s Roam Sweet Roam Gains 46 New Destinations

Bell has announced this morning its roaming destinations for its Roam Better travel option for wireless users has expanded to 46 new destinations, which also applies to its flanker brand Virgin Mobile and its equivalent Roam Sweet Roam.

Bell roam better

The company told iPhone in Canada in an emailed statement, “Bell now has the most roaming destinations out of all Canadian carriers,” while noting how Roam Better international destinations have increased from 136 to 182 total. As for Roam Better LTE destinations, that number has now increased from 117 to 137, an increase of 20 locations.

The complete list of new destinations are below:

1. Afghanistan
2. Algeria
3. Belarus
4. Benin
5. Botswana
6. Brunei
7. Burkina Faso
8. Cameroon
9. Congo
10. Congo (Democratic Republic)
11. Côte d’Ivoire
12. Fiji
13. Gabon
14. Ghana
15. Guam
16. Guinea
17. Guinea-Bissau
18. Kenya
19. Kosovo
20. Laos
21. Lesotho
22. Liberia
23. Malawi
24. Mayotte
25. Morocco
26. Mozambique
27. Myanmar
28. Namibia
29. Nauru
30. Niger
31. Nigeria
32. Northern Mariana Islands
33. Oman
34. Palestine Territory
35. Reunion
36. Rwanda
37. Senegal
38. Sierra Leone
39. Swaziland
40. Tanzania
41. Togo
42. Uganda
43. Vietnam
44. Western Sahara
45. Zambia
46. Zanzibar

Bell Roam Better starts at $6 per day for 100MB data and unlimited talk and text in the USA, while a $7 per day option allows for data and voice minutes from your account. International travel costs $12 per day, while both options charge a maximum of 20 days per line within the same billing period.

Back in February, Bell and Virgin Mobile increased their rates for Roam Better and Roam Sweet Roam.