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Bell, Virgin Mobile Will Increase Rates for U.S. Roam Better and Roam Sweet Roam Features

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Virgin Mobile and its parent brand Bell have announced that they will be increasing their U.S. Roam Better and Roam Sweet Roam rates to match offerings from its competitors.

Bell is increasing their Roam Better with unlimited talk and text plans from $5 to $6 per day starting March 12th. This plan comes with a data limit of 100MB per day. The company’s other Roam Better plan, which allows you to use the data from your regular plan, is increasing from $6 to $7 per day.

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Virgin Mobile only offers the 100MB option with its U.S. Roam Sweet Roam feature, and this will also increase from $5 to $6 per day matching Bell’s offering. Both carriers will be capping the roaming fees at 20 days per billing cycle.

MobileSyrup obtained an internal document from Virgin Mobile which states that the international roaming rates will remain unchanged. Bell has not indicated that it would be changing the rates of its international offerings either.

In comparison, Rogers and Fido allow their customers to use their domestic plan in the U.S. for $6 per day and internationally for $12 per day. Telus and Koodo charge customers $7 per day to allow them to use their domestic plans in the U.S. and $10 per day to use them in international locations.

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