UberÉLECTRIQUE Launches in Montreal: Ridesharing with Electric Vehicles

UberÉLECTRIQUE has launched in Montreal today, which Uber calls “a first step towards electrification in ridesharing,” at an announcement made today in Montreal, Quebec, at Joe Beef Park.

Uber has partnered with l’Association des véhicules électrique du Québec (AVEC) and Electric Mobility Canada (EMC), to offer electric ridesharing for customers from 100 driver-partners who drive an electric vehicle (EV).

When Uber users in Montreal request an Uber, they will now get an in-app notification to inform them of being paired with an electric vehicle. Inside the EV, riders will see an AVEQ fact sheet and after the ride is over, customers will get an email detailing more about EVs and benefits of electric transportation.

“We are proud that Montréal has been chosen for the launch of the UberÉLECTRIQUE program and we look forward to contributing to the electrification of transportation in Quebec with the support of experts from the Association des véhicules électriques du Québec and Electric Mobility Canada,” stated Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, spokesperson for Uber Canada, in a press release.

Uber says an AVEQ Gold Membership will be provided for free to UberÉLECTRIQUE’s first 100 drivers-partners. Meanwhile, EV driver-partners will get notified of fewer long-distance trips to enable them to better balance vehicle battery life.

According to Uber, feedback from EV driver-partners will be discussed at round tables, while information sharing will be provided with EMC and AVEC as well.

Uber is available in 40 communities across Canada and currently has about 50,000 Canadian driver-partners (except in B.C., where the provincial government has again delayed ridesharing).