How to Fix Deleted or Missing Number from iMessage in iOS 12 Beta

If you recently installed iOS 12 public beta or iOS 12 developer beta 2 (these two builds are the same), there’s a bug currently affecting some iPhone users, where your phone number is removed from iMessage.

If your phone number is removed from iMessage, contacts will receive your messages only showing your email, which can create a new conversation or just mess up chats entirely.

The problem here is iMessage settings in iOS 12 beta doesn’t let you add your phone number—it just shows your associated Apple ID email.

How to fix this bug? The solution is pretty simple and comes from Reddit user “Deybon”:

1. Turn off iMessage (Settings > Messages > iMessages > toggle OFF)
2. Turn on Airplane Mode (Settings > Airplane Mode > OFF; or via Control Center)
3. Hard Restart (rebooting your phone also works)
4. Turn iMessage On (Settings > Messages > iMessages > toggle ON)

We recently encountered iMessage removing our phone number with iOS 12 beta on our secondary iPhone and the fix above corrected the situation. But after applying this fix, we still had to sign in within iMessage settings to use our Apple ID.

Imessage ios 12 apple ID sign in


Let us know if this quick fix helped solve your iOS 12 beta iMessage issues with your phone number being removed.