Koodo Promo Offers Double Data, Talk and Text on US Roaming Boosters

Koodo has launched a promo on their prepaid U.S. roaming boosters, offering double the data, talk and text for a limited time.

Here’s what you can get with the 2x promo on U.S. roaming data, talk and text boosters:

  • $20: 500MB + 500MB bonus; or 250 minutes + 250 minutes bonus; or 1000 texts + 1000 texts bonus
  • $5: 50MB + 50MB bonus; or 25 mins + 25 mins bonus; or 250 texts + 250 texts bonus

Koodo US roaming booster bonus

These boosters do not expire and the promo right now is only limited to U.S., and not Canadian boosters. These boosters are convenient for light users who travel to the U.S. infrequently and need to use roaming data, talk or text.

[via RFD]