Virgin Mobile iPhone XS Pricing Starts at $659.99 with Pre-Orders

Bell’s flanker brand Virgin Mobile launched iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max pre-orders early in the morning, finally revealing pricing and plan requirements for Apple’s latest smartphone.

Virgin mobile iphone xs

Below is pricing on Virgin Mobile’s two-year Diamond plan, which starts with a $105/month plan and 2GB of data (currently it’s 4GB as part of a promo).

iPhone Xs

  • 64GB – $659.99
  • 256GB – $859.99
  • 512GB – $1119.99

iPhone Xs Max

  • 64GB – $789.99
  • 256GB – $989.99
  • 512GB – $1249.99

Bell is the exclusive Canadian carrier to support eSIM on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. When coupled with a nano SIM, it will allow iPhone owners to support two mobile plans with one phone. Apple will roll out eSIM support in a software update later this year.

As expected, pricing from Virgin Mobile is the same as Fido and Koodo, requiring a minimum $105/month plan with 4GB (current promo) over two years. If you have the money up front, you may be better off buying an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max outright, and finding your own BYOD plan that’s cheaper.