Amazon Announces New Echo Devices in Canada, Even More in the USA

Amazon held a surprise product announcement today down in Seattle, announcing a large number of new devices. So far, only five of these new devices are coming to Canada, which we will detail below, followed by new US-only products (for now). Below is a summary of what’s new for Canadians:

Echo dot new
  • All-New Echo Plus: new built-in Zigbee hub, upgraded speaker plus new design, and temperature sensor, and still CDN $199.99.
Echo plus new
  • All-New Echo Show: Powerful speakers, a stunning 10-inch HD display, and a built-in smart home hub, plus all the glanceable features customers love about Alexa for CDN $299.99.
Echo show new
  • Echo Sub: available to add deep, rich bass playback to Echo devices, possibility to create 1.1 or 2.1 stereo system with other Echo devices. CDN $169.99.
Echo sub new
Amazon smart plug

Amazon Canada says you can pre-order the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Sub and Amazon Smart Plug today, with all devices ready for shipping next month.

Other products announced today by Amazon in the USA:

Amazon also announced a new feature called Alexa Hunches, which will see the voice assistant guess your needs based on AI smarts, learning things better over time. For example, it may remind you to turn off a porch light if you left it on, or suggest for you to lock the door if you haven’t already when you say “good night” to Alexa (via The Verge).

Only a company like Amazon can announce a dozen or so new products at one time and have them available for pre-order. It’s too bad Canada only gets a handful of these products at launch, but definitely expect some of them to eventually make their way north of the border in the future.