Zoomer Wireless Promo: $36/4GB Plan with 400 Minutes, Unlimited Texts

Zoomer Wireless is offering a promotion right now, offering a $36 per month plan with 4GB of LTE data, 400 daytime minutes, 6PM evenings and weekends, plus unlimited texting. The promo plan is not listed on the company’s website, as you need to call in to get the plan.

Burnaby-based Zoomer Wireless runs on the Rogers LTE network and is part of the Cityfone reseller network, which is owned by Rogers.

Users on RFD are noting Zoomer’s referral program is now offering $50, instead of $25.

Also, if you’ve been a Zoomer Wireless customer for at least six months, you can try asking about the $36/4GB loyalty plan, which includes unlimited minutes.

Earlier this month, Zoomer started offering 2GB of free data to some customers. If someone in your family doesn’t use a lot of minutes or data, Zoomer Wireless plans look to fit the bill but with LTE data, instead of 3G prepaid offerings from Public Mobile (Telus), Chatr (Rogers) and Lucky Mobile (Bell).