Apple Designed 371 Logos for their October Event Invite, Check Them Out Here [u]


Yesterday, Apple sent out invites to members of the media to a special event set for October 30, 2018, to be held in New York City at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House. The company has also confirmed it will be streaming the special event live as per this link on Apple’s website.

However, if you visit the Apple Special Event page, you will notice a different Apple logo is displayed every time you refresh the website. Turns out there are a total of 370 logos Apple has designed for the upcoming New York event.

Twitter user @Alixrezax has compiled an image showing all 370 Apple logos.

You can download the image with all 370 Apple logos in high quality at this link.

Update: CNN reporter Heather Kelly says there are actually 371 logos: