Koodo Mobile iPhone XR Sale: Up to $310 Off Apple’s Latest Smartphone

Telus flanker brand Koodo looks to be offering a sale already on the latest iPhone XR, which is less than three weeks old.

The Koodo website lists various savings on the Tab, but Tab Large is offering the biggest discount, listing an upfront price of $400 ($130 off), plus a $480 Tab charge ($20 x 24 months). The details note it includes $180 in activation credits, so that’s a total of $310 off the iPhone XR, which retails for $1060 outright from Koodo ($1029 from Apple.ca).

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Tab Large requires a minimum $75 per month plan, however. According to Koodo, online orders for the iPhone XR are noted as shipping in 1-2 weeks.

Koodo’s rivals, Virgin Mobile and Fido, currently have the iPhone XR priced at $530 on a two-year equivalent Tab Large plan.

The discounts are showing for all configurations of the iPhone XR, which in our tests, is a very capable phone compared to an iPhone XS.

[via RFD]