2018 iPad Pro “Folds Like a Piece of Paper” in Bend Test [VIDEO]

You can always count on YouTube to come up with crazy Apple product torture tests, because it’s all about the views. The latest bend test comes from channel JerryRigEverything, which put the 11-inch iPad Pro and second generation Apple Pencil through hell, destroying them to pieces.

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The iPad Pro gets scratched with a razor blade, and unsurprisingly it does get scratched. The Apple Pencil also snaps in half and its innards taken apart, but there’s no surprise as to what’s inside because iFixit already did a tear down.

But the ‘highlight’ of the video, is the bend test, which happens just before the six and a half minute mark, showing the iPad Pro apparently being bent in half easily. The channel says the iPad Pro “folds like a piece of paper”, and sensationally explains it’s the equivalent of “tinfoil wrapped around mashed potatoes.”

Structural integrity with these aluminum iPad Pro models are apparently “lacking”, due to its super thin design. JerryRigEverything says the bend test is important because you never know if your iPad Pro in your backpack may be vulnerable to getting bent, or if an iPad Pro gets sat on while on your couch.

The video seems reminiscent of Toronto-based YouTube channel Unbox Therapy and their iPhone 6 Plus bend test in 2014, which kicked off ‘bend gate’ hoopla (and shot the channel to fame). Consumer Reports countered ‘bend gate’ to say iPhone 6 models were “not as bendy as believed,” after conducting their own tests.

JerryRigEverything’s dramatic video is below:

YouTube video

Again, with a super thin aluminum design and an expensive price tag, it’s probably in your best interest to protect your iPad Pro at all times (or spend extra on AppleCare+ for iPad which increased 50% this year).

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