Uber Partners with Crime Stoppers in Toronto and Ottawa

In an effort to help users report crime anonymously, Uber has announced a partnership with Crime Stoppers International in Toronto, Ottawa, offering drivers new tools to report any potential criminal activity all while keeping their identity completely anonymous.

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According to Crime Stoppers, more than 1 million criminals have been arrested as a direct result of information provided to affiliated Crime Stoppers chapters around the world. While the new initiative is global, Toronto is one of the initial markets to launch in Canada.

Uber drivers in Toronto can report potential crimes to the Crime Stoppers hotline and online portal, after which the information will be passed on to the Toronto Crime Stoppers. “The partnership between Toronto Crime Stoppers and Uber is aimed to mobilize drivers to anonymously report criminal activity,” said Sean Sportun of Toronto Crime Stoppers.

“This partnership is the result of Uber listening to the communities we serve. Uber has invested in a global team of former law enforcement professionals, response team specialists, and an online portal for law enforcement use only,” said Mike Sullivan, Head of Global Law Enforcement Operations. “These components work together to inform, cooperate with, and respond to law enforcement’s investigative needs.”

Although the initiative is a positive one in terms of public safety, do you think allowing Uber drivers to anonymously report issues could raise privacy concerns?