‘Apple Pay Cash Balance’ Showing Up in Canada within Apple ID Preferences

Apple Pay Cash is a feature in the United States which lets users easily send and receive money within Messages.

The feature is not available in Canada, but recent signs have suggested Apple may be exploring or testing a possible Apple Pay Cash launch here.

Previously, some Canadians have seen Apple Pay Cash setup options show up within the Wallet app on iPhone. Trying to register usually fails at the ‘confirm ID’ stage, but as of late, some have been able to pass that stage by using their NEXUS IDs.

Now, more signs of Apple Pay Cash are showing up in Canada, most likely teasing us of a launch that won’t happen until years later, like what we’ve seen with Apple News (coming in iOS 12.2).

According to iPhone in Canada reader Mike, when viewing your Apple ID account preferences on the web, under the section Payment and Shipping, there’s a line that now reads “Apple Pay Cash Balance” and it shows “US$0.00” as the balance.

Apple pay cash canada balance

We were able to confirm what Mike saw ourselves and you can try the same by checking out your Apple ID preferences on the web here. What are you seeing?

Is Apple Pay Cash coming to Canada? Possibly, but who knows when it will actually happen. If the launch timeline of Apple News in Canada is any indication (4 years!), we may be in for a wait. We’re not getting our hopes up.