Apple Promotes Apple Pay Cash in New Ads; Still Limited to the USA

Apple Pay Cash launched in the USA back in December 2017, allowing American iPhone users to easily send and receive money via Messages.

Apple pay cash

The feature currently remains US-only, with no signs of an international launch, yet. However, some Canadians have seen the Apple Pay Cash setup option show up on their iPhones as of last June.

Today, Apple has again promoted Apple Pay Cash in a new series of ads on their YouTube channel. As Apple explains, you can “Send and request cash with Apple Pay in Messages, and use it to shop in stores, online, and in apps.”

Check out the ads below:

Last fall, localized support pages for Apple Pay Cash showed up in Canada for both French and English, leading some to suspect a future launch may be in the works.

Some iPhone in Canada readers recently noted using a NEXUS card as ID let them activate Apple Pay Cash (although it won’t work here with Canadian users), which still remains a feature available to U.S. users.