Telus Retentions Offering $70/15GB Plan for Some Customers

Last week, we first told you Telus was set to increase the price of their $60/10GB holiday promo BYOD plan by $10 per month, to $70/10GB.

The price hike was double that of rivals Rogers and Bell, which previously increased their holiday plans to $65/10GB.

For Telus customers upset with the company over the increase, calling the retentions department can result in a slight peace offering the form of an extra 5GB of data and unlimited international calling.

iPhone in Canada reader YG told us after reading about the Telus retentions offering on RFD, he was able to similarly get the bonus data, taking his plan to $70/15GB. If you’re not happy about the recent Telus price increase, it may be worth calling the company’s retentions department to have a chat.

The Telus $10 price increase on their $60/10GB BYOD promo plan is set to take place in March and April, depending on your billing cycle, says the company. The company has yet to confirm whether their flanker brand Koodo will see a similar increase.